Daily Giveaways

Thunderpick.com is all about your gaming experience. We run a number of promotions and giveaways to make sure that the fun never stops.

Thanks to our Daily Giveaways you can earn gift cards with free play credits on daily basis.

There are 4-5 Daily Giveaways that you can enter and your eligibility depends on your current Rank.

Thunderpick Ranks is a ranking system developed to distinguish and reward users accordingly to their activity. It contains 5 tiers:

· Bronze

· Silver

· Gold

· Diamond

· Challenger

As players place their bets, play games or complete various tasks, they gain Rank Points, also known as RP. The amount of RP gained varies from task to task, but when it comes to betting you earn 1 RP for every coin you bet. User’s Rank is updated in real-time (with exclusion of Challenger rank, which is recalculated daily) and depends on the amount of Rank Points accumulated throughout last 30 days.

You can read a detailed explanation of the Rank System in our FAQ section or this article. It is an important part of the platform and take the gaming experience at Thunderpick to a whole new level.

Once you win in the Daily Giveaway, you will receive a gift card via email, which you can use to top up your account.

To redeem it, simply go to Deposit section and chose Gift Cards. Enter the card code and hit Redeem. The funds will appear in your account instantly.

If you have any questions about this promotion please contact our Customer Support via Live Chat or email ([email protected]).

Join the upcoming Giveaway here. Good luck!

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