league of legends betting guide

League of Legends Betting Guide

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends (often abbreviated as LoL) is a game developed and published by Riot Games. Inspired by the Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients, League of Legends was released in 2009 and is still going strong over a decade later as one of the biggest esports in the world.

League of Legends maintains a global esports ecosystem, with leagues for almost every region in the world from South America to Japan. The four largest leagues are LCS in North America, the LEC in Europe, the LPL in China, and the LCK in South Korea. Each year around October, representatives from the domestic leagues will face each other in the League of Legends World Championship, also known as Worlds, to determine who is truly the best team in the world.

Betting on League of Legends

With its worldwide reach, League of Legends is a year-round event that always has exciting, high-level games to watch. This has contributed to its massive popularity and makes it the world’s most-watched esport, with viewership numbers greater than the Super Bowl. The 2019 Worlds event had over 100 million unique viewers with a peak concurrent viewership of 44 million, and a minimum prize pool of 2.5 million USD as well as a collaboration with international fashion label Louis Vuitton.

As the esport grows more with each passing year, there’s never a bad time for sports bettors to try their hand at one of the world’s premier esports. With four major leagues and two international championships annually, there are plenty of matches for the informed bettor to test their skill and knowledge and make some money, and no better place to start than with Thunderpick. With great odds, secure deposits, the ability to deposit with FIAT and cryptocurrencies, and instant and secure withdrawals, Thunderpick is a great League of Legends betting site for aspiring bettors.

Watching League of Legends

Watching League of Legends can be confusing with its many moving parts and a multitude of names and terms, but it is a rewarding and enjoyable experience once viewers cross that initial knowledge check. The fastest way to learn the fundamentals would be to download it for free and give it a go, but here’s a quick guide to cover the basics.

League of Legends is a five-on-five team game played on a battleground called Summoner’s Rift. Each team has a base that holds a Nexus: destroying the other team’s Nexus is the goal for each team’s victory.

At the start of each game, each of the five players on either team will pick a distinct character called a “champion”. These champions have unique abilities that help to further the team’s goal, from doing damage to stunning enemies to healing teammates.

Whenever a player kills or destroys an enemy, be it a player or structure or enemy NPC (commonly known as minions), they are awarded a resource called gold. This gold can be spent at the player’s base to purchase items, which is another way to strengthen their champions.

Keeping an eye on these two metrics, items and gold, will help viewers understand which team has the overall advantage at any point in the game. There are many other things that influence the game, but these two will be the simplest method of keeping score, so to speak.

With these basics in mind, bettors should watch a few matches and check the official standings to begin to familiarise themselves with the teams. Knowing which teams are favored in any match is the most essential basic when starting out in League of Legends betting. Once comfortable enough with the game, viewers can then begin their LoL betting career on Thunderpick, which has everything bettors will need for LoL esports betting.

Why Should I Bet on League of Legends?

Betting is a great, fun way to get the most from a sporting event. So long as the bettor is being safe and responsible, it lets viewers make any match that much more thrilling without risking that much.

With leagues across the world at all time zones, there’s almost always a match going on. This means that fans always have an opportunity to spice up their viewing experience with some League of Legends live betting. Much like getting some popcorn to accompany any sporting event, betting is a fun side expenditure to enhance the entertainment, except in this case, the popcorn could have some extra prizes in it!

Understanding the Odds

Now armed with LoL knowledge, it’s time for aspiring bettors to level up their betting knowledge. The most important thing to know for League of Legends match betting is what they’re betting on and what the odds are for that bet.

The most basic bet is the Match-Up Winner: who wins the match? A simple League of Legends bet on 1.4 odds returns 40% profit. So for example, bet €1 and get €1.40 back. The smaller the odds are, the more likely it’s expected to be the outcome, with 1.1 meaning near-certain guaranteed. For example, a team that is almost assuredly the winner will have the odds of their victory at 1.1. On the flip side, if the odds calculate a team to be a massive underdog and give that team 10.0 odds, then that’s a massive opportunity for the knowledgeable bettor who thinks the odds have got it wrong.

For the more confident bettor, guessing the correct score in the best-of-three or best-of-five is another bet they can try for bigger rewards.

For safer lol betting bettors can try a Handicap Bet. Here, instead of betting which team will win, bettors can put their money on how well the team performs. So for example, if viewers think Team Liquid will get at least two games in a best-of-five games match, they can bet on Team Liquid +1.5 and they win the bet no matter who wins in the end so long as the score is close.

More specific conditions outside of the winner and score are also available for betting. Examples are both teams slaying a Baron or a Dragon, or which team destroys the first Inhibitor or Tower. These objectives are trickier to predict but with League of Legends live betting by Thunderpick, bettors can be much more reactive and dynamic by correctly placing their LoL bets so long as they’ve got a good sense for timing.

Bet on League of Legends with Thunderpick

Thunderpick offers the best odds on League of Legends with several ways to bet. Joining Thunderpick today and using the code ‘WELCOME’ gives a 5% increase on the first deposit (up to €500 for free) with no drawbacks. Whatever the deposit, no matter how it’s deposited, gets an extra 5%. Thunderpick accepts cryptocurrencies as well as standard money as ways to deposit, and Thunderpick offers complete security and fast withdrawals on any winnings. No matter when, where, or how you want to bet on League of Legends, bet on League of Legends with Thunderpick.

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